Who Will Save the River Dolphin?

The films we have chosen to work on have involved stories related to conservation issues embedded within the stories of people.  Our first film, Who Will Save the River Dolphin, is now in post-production. It is the story of three young conservationists, all working to protect the Ganges river dolphin, one of the most endangered dolphin species on the planet. The story is about the incredible struggle of these people (Gopal Khanal from Nepal, Subhasis Dey from India and Farhana Ahktar from Bangladesh) to stay in conservation. Pressures range from family pushing them to stop their education and make money, to the threat of arranged marriage and loosing the ability to work outside the home. The issue of retaining smart trained young people in conservation is a world-wide problem, threatening our ability to conserve in the future. We hope that this film will provide the impetus for a serious discussion about how we will solve this problem. Follow this film on Facebook ( Who Will Save the River Dolphin? )

There are Still Wizards​​

For our second film we are working to tell a story about the life achievements of Dr. Lee Talbot and his wife Marty, who arguably have had the SINGLE GREATEST impact on conservation across our planet to date. The story will be told through the eyes of the Talbot’s, their colleagues, friends and family, as we weave through the history they made (creating the most important conservation legislation and helping to secure the most critical protected areas on Earth).​

The story will be told as the Talbot's recall their many incredible adventures (ranging from fighting off rebels to surviving attacks by lions), in the original locations (Africa, Asia and the USA). This history will be presented as we follow them through what may be some of their last great achievements (they are in their mid 80’s but still working in remote locations to preserve species and habitats). In a world where conservation seems to be a loosing battle, sometimes it is important to look at how far we have come. This is the story of a lifetime of adventures that culminated in incredible successes, protecting wildlife and habitats across the planet. 
Follow this film production on Facebook ( There are Still Wizards ).  

We are proud to share that we have fiscal sponsorship for “There are Still Wizards” through the ​​​​ IndependentFilmmaker Project . This sponsorship allows us to accept tax-deductible donations for this film. You can make  donations online at:  https://fiscal.ifp.org/project.cfm/1000/There-are-Still-Wizards/ .

We are also extrememly proud and grateful to have the following sponsors who are supporting our film. Our sponsors have the vision to understand that this film is about all of us, and that it has the potential to be 
inspirational for generations to come. By donating they are saying they believe in the importance of protecting
our environment and that all species should be given a chance to survive. Giving to our film is also a way to
say thank you to those that paved the way before us (the Talbot’s and many others), who laid the groundwork 
under which we all now stand..​

The Boys of Nepal


In April 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal killing over 9000 people. Many villages were completed destroyed, burying food supplies that were stored in barns and homes. Cut off from aid due to landslides and because of the sheer magnitude of destruction, many additional people were at considerable risk of death soon after the quake. A small group of young conservation students decided they had to do something. 

This January we began work on a film about these brave young students who decided to risk their own lives to save earthquake victims in the steep remote mountains of Nepal. We had long wanted to tell their inspirational story and finally got the chance to start filming. Our goal is to return either this summer or next winter where we will trek into the village these students worked to save, interview villagers who were impacted, and to continue to showcase these amazing young people.

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