Our Team

Our team is composed of scientists who decided to turn to filmmaking with the hope that telling stories could bring more change than the science we were doing. By combining our skill sets and knowledge of conservation with that we have developed in film we knew we could make a production film team that was unique.    

Our Name

Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

The name of our company came about as a result of two things, a coincidence, and a motto for the way we live our lives.

It takes a certain kind of person to take this career path. The risks involved are considerable, and good film does not come without the ability to recognize this and embrace it daily. One must be willing to happily “jump off a cliff” at every opportunity.

It just happened that two of us also used the phrase “Que Sera Sera” in our general discourse after having learned it as children from a Doris Day song from “The Glass Bottom Boat”.  After hearing each other both use the phrase and then realizing it was also our own life mottos, we knew this should be our name when we decided to form a company. There was simply no other choice on the table.